Agata Lapedriza

Associate Professor 

Universitat Oberta de Catalunya

Agata Lapedriza is an Associate Professor at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya and a researcher in Computer Vision. She received her BS degree in Mathematics at the Universitat de Barcelona in 2003, and her PhD degree in Computer Science at the Universitat Autònoma Barcelona in 2009. From 2012 to 2015 she worked as a visiting researcher at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). During her PhD she worked in face recognition algorithms and machine learning techniques for automatic face classification. After her PhD she focused in scene understanding and started her collaboration with the MIT. During her visit at MIT she worked on a project on automatic scene classification using Deep Learning. Her current research interests also include facial expression analysis and affective computing. Her teaching activities rely on academic direction and coordination of MS degree subjects and programs. In the past, she designed and taught several courses on Mathematics and Programming for undergrad students. She also has a wide experience in advising projects in the context of computer vision and artificial intelligence.

Computer Vision: Machines that learn to see

With the success of deep convolutional neural networks and the access to image databases with millions of labeled examples (e.g., ImageNet, Places), the state of the art in computer vision is advancing rapidly. Computer vision is now present among many commercial products, such as digital cameras, web applications, and security applications. In this talk I will describe some of the current challenges in computer vision and will revise a brief history of this field. I will also talk about some of our recent work on visual scene understanding, describing the state-of-the-art system for scene recognition, and showing how models automatically integrate scene and object recognition.

Alisa Tijerina

Executive Assistant to Global Head of Operations for BP


Alisa Tijerina has worked for BP for 12 years in a range of engineering roles including facilities engineer, commissioning engineer, engineering team lead, planning lead and currently as EA to Head of Operations Upstream. She has had assignments in the UK, Azerbaijan, and multiple US locations. She has a strong technical background with a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Rice University and a MBA from the University of Washington.

Secrets from the top

You will understand the development experiences of an Executive Assistant (EA) at BP and reap the benefits without doing the job. The EA role is a lot of hard work, severely competitive and provides a unique opportunity to develop at pace. As an EA you have to be two steps ahead of the executive. Work doesn't stop in the office, there is business travel, internal executive meetings, external meetings with CEOs and industry leaders, dinners, receptions, corporate functions and more work at night and on the weekend.  The learnings help regardless of what point you are at in your career.

Anca Eisele

Global Commodity Quality Manager

John Deere

Anca Eisele serves as Director on the BOD of the Society of Women Engineers. She supports international women engineers to aspire, advance, achieve! and in Germany chairs the “Step Forward!” conferences. Eisele is also member of VDI. She participated in the international colloquium “Empowering Women in Engineering and Technology” held by the WFEO in Tunis in 2007. Eisele, in her role as a global commodity quality manager, leads an international team for John Deere

Better Together

The session will focus on creating and leveraging the best out of International SWE Affiliate, companies’ ERGs and the business network groups, by providing support, enhancing career development, and contributing to personal development in the work environment.

Carole Malbrancq

Senior Analog Engineer

Intel Mobile Communication France

Carole Malbrancq is a Senior Analog Engineer delivering technology research & development on mobile phones, tablets and computers.  Currently at Intel, she has more than 17 years of experience as an individual contributor and manager at large international companies including Texas Instruments and Samsung.   Carole is passionate about career development, actively mentoring women within Intel, co-chairing Intel’s French women’s network, and acting as a role model encouraging female high school students to pursue STEM careers.

Three ways to break out of your comfort zone (and advance your career)

Many women feel stuck in their careers and lack advancement.  However, if we push ourselves out of our comfort zones, we learn new skills, become more visible, and grow into a position to be considered ready for promotion.  Come to this session to learn three easy ways to expand your comfort zone by focusing on curiosity, ambition and tenacity.   We will share examples and advice which will help you gain perspective you need to succeed.

Cathy Sinclair

Group Manager Field Engineering

FM Global

Cathy graduated in Mechanical Engineering in 1992 and for the past 21 years has been working for FM Global, an industrial property insurance company that uses highly trained engineers to find engineering solutions to help clients to be resilient to losses. For the past 6 years she has been managing a group of 10 field engineers, and she particularly enjoys encouraging the development of the new engineers, and being a technical resource for her team.

A step into the unknown – Living and working in a (completely) different culture

In 2007, Cathy moved her family to South Africa for a 3 year work assignment with her company, FM Global.  Her role was to recruit, train and mentor local field engineers whilst supporting the existing clients in the region and helping them build resilience into their operations.  During this talk you will learn about some of Cathy’s experiences; why did she decide to take a risk and take on the role, what did she gain professionally from it and what challenges did she face on both a personal and professional front?

Elizabeth Koumpan

IT Architect


Ms. Elizabeth Koumpan is IBM Senior Certified Application Architect in IBM Software Group. She specializes in Industrial Sector Solutions Architecture and has over twenty years of experience in system design and architecture. She  led numerous technology assessments  to develop ILG roadmap for multiple clients. Her role consists of working with client teams globally where new, complex solutions are required.She was authoring IBM redbooks  for Best Practices for FileNet CM (v 5.2)'

Essential of Information Governance in the era of Big Data

What is the role of Information Governance(IG) in todays big data environments? We'll explore the challenges facing clients and the potential conflicts between the need to provide analytical insights with large-scale data analytics and the need to reduce corporate risk and streamline operations by disposing of data as soon as it is allowed. We'll discuss how customers across a variety of industries have established IG programs to ensure regulatory compliance and data privacy while simultaneously making their big data analytic systems more effective.Information is an asset and it must be treated accordingly!

Ewa Chuda

IT Project Manager

PGS Software

Ewa Chuda is currently an IT Project Manager. During the last 9 years she has worked with software development, insurance and finance companies. However she started her career as a Software Engineer (AT&T Poland branch) after graduating from University (Poland) with a degree in Mathematics. She has successfully raised 2 boys that share her analytical skill and drive for programming. She masters her speech and leadership skills in Toastmasters Club.

What is your plan for next 5 years? For 10 years? For life?

“How do you see yourself in 5 years from now?” Doesn’t this question seem familiar from a past job interview or appraisal meeting? What about applying this question to your personal life? Setting your life goal or starting to chase a dream changes everything. In this session you will witness a true story of how life can change through small complaints. Participants will learn how to turn small problems into challenges, not to let their dreams die and to find the one that sets the direction in their lives.

Fabienne Seibold

Development Engineer

John Deere GmbH&Co KG ETIC

Fabienne Seibold has joined the SWE network in 2012. In 2014, she became SWE   Ambassador for Germany and created the affiliate group “Germany Metropolregion   Rhein Neckar”. Seibold is vice lead of WomenREACH Germany, Deere internal   network. Seibold worked in different positions in research, marketing, sales and   finally joined John Deere in 2004 during an USA assignment. She is now supporting   John Deere external relations team on public funded projects, manufacturing related   activities and sustainability issues.

Sustainability in farming equipment

In May 2013, Deere launched external Eco-Efficiency Goals, including a product-specific goal of utilizing “life cycle engineering to create products and services that meet customer needs and reduce their environmental impact”.  To achieve this goal, Deere’s enterprise Product Sustainability team and other resources have collaborated to assess the environmental impact of current product and products under development across the enterprise.  The systems engineering approach used in these studies can be applied to analyze the overall life cycle environmental impact of machine, machine and implements systems and farm systems.

Fabrice Roudet

Data Center Program Manager – Eaton Power Quality and Electronics Europe, Middle East and Africa Region​

Eaton Electronics

Based in Le Lieu, Switzerland Fabrice is responsible for the development of a new offer for the management of data centres for the Power Quality and Electronics Division at Eaton EMEA.
In this role, he manages the definition of future offers and solutions for data centers of all sizes, and establishes collaborations with academic, research and industrial partners to take advantage of the latest technological advances.
He joined Eaton in 2011 after seven years prior experience managing innovative projects within the corporate research and development division at Schneider Electric.
Fabrice is a graduate of the Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble, and also holds a PhD degree in Engineering.

Green Data Net

Eaton is pleased to led new initiative called GreenDataNet project together with the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne (EPFL), Nissan, ICTroom, Credit Suisse, the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA), and the University of Trento (UNITN). Developing state-of-the-art technologies will allow urban data centers to reach 80% of renewable power use and decrease their average Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) from an average of 1.6-2.0 today to less than 1.3.  Be welcome to see key points for energy monitoring and optimization of IT, power, cooling and storage at three levels: servers and racks, data centers and networks.

Hilary Lucas

Fuel System Calibration Engineer


Hilary is a fuel systems engineer in Caterpillar’s Industrial Power Systems Division. She is currently working within the fuel systems team in component engineering providing fuel system calibration and development expertise to Caterpillar business units within the UK and China. She has worked within the fuel systems area for two and a half years. Hilary has a back ground in mechanical engineering and completed her master’s degree at the University of Leeds in 2010.

The Power of DMAIC

Immediate solutions to a problem can often be superficial. A solution may only address one issue when in reality there can be more than one root cause. It is more cost effective and efficient to investigate the root cause or causes of a problem using a defined process and solve it first time. In this session you will learn the value of a DMAIC process to find the root cause of an issue. DMAIC is part of a continuous improvement process known as 6 Sigma. The process consists of the following steps: Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve and Control.

Inmaculada Rufas Puyuelo

IBM Analytics - Social Business Unit

IBM Spain, Portugal, Greece and Israel

My career in Social Business has evolved from technical consultancy in communication tools in IBM to Social Business SWAT. I have been always involved with the Social experience. My ambition is to apply the social experience in every company to grow and optimize their businesses by adding the people dimension to their business processes.

Let your Social Eminence Shine

As women we have the innate ability to connect, collaborate and communicate.  This session will focus on using Social Media to share your expertise as a professional.  You will learn how to create an effective social media presence, grow your network, share your knowledge globally, and constantly keep learning.  This session will focus on growing your social media eminence to become an influencer in your field.

Jennifer Patterson

Assistant Professor

KU Leuven

Jennifer Patterson is an assistant professor in the department of materials engineering at KU Leuven in Belgium. She received a BSE in chemical engineering from Princeton University and a PhD in bioengineering from the University of Washington. Her research interests include biomaterials and tissue engineering, with a focus on the development of novel materials for the controlled spatial and temporal presentation of bioactive signals to stimulate tissue regeneration.

Biomaterials: Revolutionizing the Future of Medicine

Many people are familiar with traditional biomaterials, such as metals and ceramics, and you may know someone who has received a hip or knee replacement implant.  However, the field of biomaterials is advancing with the need for new and innovative treatments for the repair of injured or diseased tissues.  This session will focus on the past, present, and future of the field.  After an overview of historical biomaterials, you will learn about new materials being developed within this field, their application in current medical practice, as well as the potential for future advances in this technology.

Jennifer Patterson

Assistant Professor

KU Leuven

Jennifer Patterson is an assistant professor in the department of materials engineering at KU Leuven in Belgium. She received a BSE in chemical engineering from Princeton University and a PhD in bioengineering from the University of Washington. Her research interests include biomaterials and tissue engineering, and she leads a research group of 3 postdocs, 3 PhD students, and 7 master students.

Scientific Communications

Engineering professionals will often have to communicate their research findings or technical progress, either to a technical audience or to the general public. There are several standard opportunities for these communications, such as scientific journal articles or presentations at conferences. This session will review the expected content of some of these communications as well as provide tips for improving both written and oral communication skills.

Jesiele Neves de Lima

Plant Manager

Eaton Industries GmbH

2.5-year experience in Supply Chain processes   16-year experience in Business Management, including International assignments in Brazil, UK, USA, Germany, France, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Morocco and Dubai   16-year experience in Lean Manufacturing/Enterprise and Six Sigma   6-year driving organization Business Excellence/ PNQ Brazil   Supply Chain & Logistics Management - Kuehne Logistics University (KLU) Int'l Summer School  MBA International Business - Western Michigan University, USA (WMU)  IT Computer Science - Universidade Estadual de Campinas, BR (UNICAMP)

Transformative Change and Putting People First

“To change things, you need courage to initiate and sustain a new status", said Prof. Palthe during my MBA course in an university in the USA. This is absolutely true and would take this opportunity to share with the audience lessons learned and methods of change management applied throughout career steps across three regions (South America, Europe and North America). As leader, engaging people in each country by adapting to their culture is the first priority to start a vision, breaking the full change into reasonable-size goals and focus on strengths of each individual comes in parallel for sustainability.

Jessica Rogers

Nuclear Safety Consultant


Jessica is a nuclear safety consultant with Atkins, the third largest engineering consultancy in the UK. She previously spent 8 years with AREVA, an engineering firm specializing in nuclear energy as a thermal fluid systems engineer where she worked on major projects for new builds, component servicing and maintenance and plant life extension projects in the US, France and Germany. In 2014, she joined Atkins to try consulting for the first time.

So you think you want to be an consultant?

Consulting is not for everyone, it is like pulling an engineering u-turn. If you have spent several years in an engineering organization or if you are fresh out of university (or about to be) and are interested in learning more about what it is like to be an engineering consultant, then this is the lightning talk for you. Learn the basics of what it means to be an consultant and why it is so different from working in a traditional design, manufacturing, construction organization from someone who has made the transition herself.

Jochen Hauser

Manager, Procurement Engineering Electrical Sector EMEA​

Eaton Industries GmbH

Jochen is a Procurement Engineering, Supplier Development and Value added Service Innovation Manager Electrical Sector EMEA in Bonn/Germany. He manages a team of 5 Managers, identificates and Implements the Design driven Cost out projects for the complete Electrical sector EMEA and does the benchmarking in the areas of VAVE, Launch and Cost Out.

Almost a case of Reverse Engineering

VAVE (value analysis/value engineering) is a method toŁ identify the function of a product from a customer point of view while considering the major cost elements of it and re-evaluating respective materials and sourcing options. It is like "reverse engineering" done after product being produced for few years to find additional innovation elements. You will learn an initial overview about this method in this session.

Julie Regairaz

New Devices - Product Software Program Manager

Intel Corporation

Julie Regairaz is a Software Program Manager for Wearables products at Intel. She has 10 years of international experience in the Wireless Industry. After she earned her MS degree in Telecommunications and Networking from ENSEEIHT (Toulouse, France), Julie worked for Motorola in Illinois, USA. Julie played basketball at French National level and coached boys under 14 years old. Ever since, she applies team sport values daily to drive her team and manage her multicultural family.

Give yourself a sporting chance to be a leader

By practicing team sports at a younger age, we actually develop skills relevant in an engineering work environment.  Engineers who have played strategic positions in their team (captain/playmaker) or even coached their sports can apply their “natural” leadership skills for professional impact.  Women are uniquely positioned to capitalize on their sporting experience by being a team player, using emotional intelligence and growing into senior positions.  This session will correlate leadership traits from the “Team Sport” and “Women in Engineering” worlds and provide a basis for leadership in engineering which leverages the team sports experience.

Katarzyna Bartoszewska

Delivery Project Executive


Katarzyna is a Delivery Project Executive responsible for outsourcing contracts within IBM Global services. In her role she is establishing and maintaining customer relationships and ensuring a stable business growth. In previous roles she was a Project Manager responsible for banking, telecommunication, government sector in the e- Commerce, application development, networking infrastructure area. Working at IBM for 17 years. Passion, dedication and the ability to deliver results define her work ethic. She is a Six Sigma's Black Belt certified. This methodology supports her to eliminate time waste and inefficiency, thereby increasing customer satisfaction by always delivering according to the highest customer's expectations. She is a great fan of PRINCE methodology which she uses also at her daily life. Proper planning and advanced preparation is a key to success, not only in business but also in a personal life. Single mother of 2 children passionate of running and a healthy lifestyle.

Language of Future - Make coding in Python fun for kids

Polish IBM Women in Technology group developed full year program to teach school-age children 10-11 years (with focus on girls) to gain practical knowledge in new coding. Our mentors teach programming in Python and prepare kids for programming contest for primary schools. The demand for workers among professionals and developers is growing. Therefore, computer science and programming is the most future-oriented fields of study. Especially important for us girls, because women constitute only 10% of graduates in information technology in Poland. Motivating and supporting girls improves the results of tests in the fields of science, stereotypically considered a male domain.

Maria Caraballo

Senior Manager

Juniper Networks

Maria Caraballo is a Sr Manager of the Customer Briefing Centre and Proof of Concept Lab at Juniper Networks EMEA, based at Schiphol-Rijk in the Netherlands. Maria has been working in the Telecommunication Sector since 1999, starting her career as an Assistant Professor at the University of Sevilla in Spain where she completed her Master in Telecommunication Engineering. She has gained experience through different roles in Education, Project Management, Pre-sales and Management for the Service Provider and Manufacturing market. Today she manages technical labs and a multidisciplinary international team that accelerate sales cycles through tailor made executive briefings and events, innovative technical demonstrations and validations of Juniper solutions across all verticals and domains.

Finding Work/Life Balance with Technical Sales as a Career Choice

Technical sales, or Sales Engineering, is a career role that most people accidently stumble on – and it is one of the best kept secrets in the engineering community. Because this role falls in the realm of “sales” many engineering students and engineers don’t know about this career option.  But Sales Engineers (or SEs) are technical experts!  They have deep knowledge about how to apply products and technical solutions to solve customer problems. This is a job that is never dull and always challenging, can morph to fit your stage in life, and flex with you as you grow.

Maria Zakidalska

Engineering Manager

Intel Technology Poland

Maria Zakidalska holds MS in Telecommunications. She works at Intel Technology Poland where she has been Validation Engineer and later Software Validation Engineering Manager. Currently she is leading organization responsible for Tools and Processes supporting software development and validation. Her team supports multiple projects worldwide. Working for a company with headquarters on another continent and spanning across multiple cultures and time zones she has unique perspective and experience.

Theory and practice of managing time, priorities and energy when working in geo-dispersed teams.

Research shows that working long hours regularly doesn’t lead to delivering supreme business results and can be a counterproductive behavior. However there are ways to achieve more in a given time. I will present research data regarding correlation between productivity, working hours and job satisfaction. I will describe proven methods to manage time, priorities and energy in an efficient manner and share best practices from my life and work. I will also put this in a context of working in globally dispersed teams, where long working hours are often perceived as necessary to accommodate team members form multiple time zones.

Melissa Gartside

Senior Engineer


Melissa Gartside is a senior materials engineer at Caterpillar’s Europe Research and Development Centre. Melissa works within Advanced Materials Technology-UK providing materials engineering solutions to Caterpillar in the UK and Europe. She has over 15 years’ materials engineering experience within the Automotive, Motorsport and Off-highway equipment industries. After spending the early part of her career gaining a foundation in failure analysis and material testing she has focused on integrating materials engineers within NPI and CPI.

Using Materials Engineering to design in robustness

It is more cost effective in terms of both time and money to design in robustness rather than to correct issues once a component has failed on the test bed, or worse, in the field. In this session you will discover the importance of understanding the failure modes suffered by your components and of collaboration with materials engineering professionals early in the design process. Service conditions of rotating components within the internal combustion engine and the consequential failure modes will be discussed. You will then examine the design of a connecting rod to reduce the risk of fatigue failure.

Nathalie Le Verge

Strategic Sourcing Specialist


Nathalie Le Verge is a chemical engineer. She started as a project engineer with Air Products more than 20 years ago. She had assignments in project management, product development, procurement and continuous improvement, at a  global level. She is now, as the Global Subject Matter Expert (SME), responsible for the Strategic Sourcing of Packaged Gases cylinders and supporting capital equipment. She is also responsible for the Sourcing of Traded Chemicals for EMEA.

Negotiating with suppliers in a STEM environment

The results of procurement negotiation can make the difference for a company. In a STEM world, engineers, managers, and executives have great chances to be involved in complex and global procurement negotiation, with multiple stakeholders. Successful and recognized negotiators are masters in creating an inclusive environment, allowing influence with respect. Explore ways to ensure the negotiating team is well prepared. Understand why listening is a key skill, linked to influencing. Understand the complexities with working with a global community of stakeholders. Explore and evaluate your skill gaps in order to maximize your future procurement negotiation results.

Orit Duzy

Deployment Manager, ESS - Enterprise Social Solutions, IBM


Started as a developer, and performed many roles, including development team leader, L3 manager, QE & CM manager, Dev manager, and project coordinator.   Located in Israel, spent 2 years with my family, on international assignment from IBM, in MA, USA.  Managed crit-sits and worked closely with support and development to quickly resolve customer painful issues. Built and Managed development projects with global teams around the world, generated and improved collaboration in distributed and multidisciplinary groups.

International Projects -  Make it WORK !  About a better Collaboration and Communication

Improve your project management skills, especially if your team is located world wide. Learn how to motivate people to get a win win. Overcome myth and prejudice as blockers to your project success. Improve your verbal and written communication skills when working with other cultures. Use social & collaboration tools to manage teams located world wide.Get fresh ideas on improving your work life balance, specially when working with several time zones and turning disadvantages into advantages. Enjoy an interactive presentation, with true stories and real life examples, with 2 colleagues from different countries, who work remotely on the same project.

Samidha Anand

Senior Development Engineer


Samidha Anand is a Sr Development Engineer at Caterpillar’s Industrial Power Systems Division.She has over 10 years of industry experience in new product design and development from concept through to production phase.  Samidha joined Caterpillar in 2008 and has worked primarily on developing aftertreatment and urea dosing components and system integration to meet U.S. EPA Tier 4 Interim & Final emissions standards across various engine platforms. Newcastle, UK.

Importance of Vertical and System integration in Product Development to maximise customer satisfaction and eliminate waste.

Optimizing vertical integration ensures greatest customer value by creating designs that meet customer requirements. The processes also helps identify waste and areas of improvement to meet customer needs. Discrete components may function individually but may not when put together as a system. Focus needs to identify what is required to make the components work together as a system and optimize performance and efficiency. Tools like requirements management top down and bottom up approach can be used to identify what the customer wants, distinguish between must have and good to have, prioritize trade-offs and map requirements to Project and Technical Objectives.

Sheila O'Hara

Industry Solution Architect


As an Industry Solution Architect within IBM I provide technical demonstrations and industry guidance to our sales teams and customers. I get to explain and demonstrate on a daily basis to our customers how IBM technology can allow them to differentiate with insights, personalize their customer engagement and innovate rapidly.

The impact of cognitive computing from healthcare to shopping

From the fun world of shopping to the more serious world of cancer diagnosis and treatment I will demonstrate how cognitive capabilities are